The Lili Socks site (hereinafter “the site”) does everything possible to make its content accessible to all surfers and especially to disabled users. Our first goal is that anyone can get the most out of using the site and in particular, people with disabilities in hand movement, vision, hearing and people who have difficulty operating the various components and computer software.
The site was built and is constantly updated so that its internal systems and pages presented to the surfers will operate and will support tools that help access its content and features.
Accessibility methods available on the site:
• Supports all the standard browsers (such as Moxilla, Opera, FireFox, Explorer, Chrome)
The site content are written in a user friendly manner
The site design and paths offered in it in an easy and friendly way through headlines and lists
• The site orientation is simple and convenient and has available and clear menus
The links in the site are clear and explain to what you are headed when you click on them
The page structure in the site is fixed and uniform
• The site can be adapted to different ‘ workspaces in various resolutions (responsive(
The ability to change the site’s display – the display can be made larger or smaller by hitting one of the “CTRL” buttons (found on the sides of the bottom row of the keyboard) while rolling the wheel of the mouse or while depressing the ‘+’ to enlarge or the ‘-‘ to decrease the size of the display. Each press will increase or decrease the size by ten percent (10%).
Changing the size of the font – the change can be made via the accessibility menu on the site
Using the keyboard to surf the site and activate its properties – if you do not have a mouse or cannot use a mouse you can maneuver through the site using the ‘TAB’ key. Every click will move the cursor to the next possibility in the site. Pressing the ‘ENTER’ key will activate the link on which the cursor is sitting.
The site does not include flashing, flickering or moving content. In places with such content, they can be stopped by standing on them and clicking the mouse moving on to them with the ‘TAB” key and pressing the ‘ENTER’ key.
• The site is meant to be adaptable for:
◦ Basic visual increases (resolution)
Accessibility Guidelines
You can view the guidelines for website accessibility at:
In Hebrew:
In English:

Support and assistance are available for the following topics in English:
• Making the mouse easier to manipulate
• Using the keyboard to act as the mouse
• Substitutes for the mouse and keyboard
• Increasing font size on the screen
• Changing text and background colors
• How to enlarge the display on the screen
• Talking screen and browser readers

Accessibility Restrictions
The site management is doing all it can to ensure that all the displayed pages are accessible. However, there may be pages that have not yet been made accessible or there is no suitable technological solution for doing so. In addition, access to external advertisers who place ads on our site may not be complete or satisfactory for. You can contact the site management on the contact form or e-mail at [email protected] and we will do everything we can to provide a quick and helpful response.